Former Feyenood esports player Quinten “QuintenX” van der Most signs a professional contract for FUTWIZ and becomes the first Dutch esports player that makes an international FIFA transfer.

After an impressive season at Feyenoord – 2nd place Dutch eDivisie, top 4 FUT Champions Season 2 Regional Final Madrid and top 6 FUT Championship World Finals Berlin – Quinten decided to leave Feyenoord and to choose for FUTWIZ.

Last season Feyenoord explicitly chose Bundled as their official esports partner and to manage and coach Quinten during his esports activities for the club. Through Bundled’s guidance Quinten achieved great results for Feyenoord and therefore earned this international transfer to FUTWIZ.

Quiten “QuintenX” van der Most

“I’m very happy to sign with FUTWIZ. This is a great oppertunity and I’m very grateful for the faith in me – I would like to thank Bundled and Dan for making this happen. I’m really looking forward to the association with FUTWIZ!”

Bundled Melvyn Wolthers (Manager/Coach Quinten)

“We are very proud and happy for Quinten that he has been able to make this exciting move at the start of his esports career and that he is writing history as first ever Dutch esports player to make an international FIFA transfer. We strongly believe in Quinten’s esports abilities and we are very pleased to work with FUTWIZ. We are very much looking forward to working with FUTWIZ and hopefully this is the start of a powerful collaboration at international level.”

Bundled Delano Limaheluw (Manager/Coach Quinten)

“I am proud to say that Quinten is the first Dutch esports player to make an international FIFA transfer after an instructive and successful year in where we have come from far together. The absolute highlight was the fifth place in the FUT Champions World Finals in Berlin, a world-class performance. I wish Quinten all the best and I am sure that he has found the right place at FUTWIZ and that he will achieve world-class results again.”

FUTWIZ Dan (Team Manager)

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Quinten to Team FUTWIZ, he’s shown already that he’s a world class talent and can compete at the very highest level – his record certainly speaks for itself! Having had the opportunity to both meet him and speak to him at length it’s clear that he’s got a fantastic attitude and is an incredibly driven and determined individual, we can’t wait to see him compete in a Team FUTWIZ shirt!

We’d like to thank our friends at Bundled Esports for making sure the negotiations and transfer went smoothly. for their co-operation and for helping Quinten get to this point in this career, their constant communication and passion for esports was a huge driving factor in making this happen”